Extra penny in sales tax would add up, at taxpayers’ expense

Posted 15 September 2020 at 3:42 pm


In a recent letter about the proposal from the NYS Association of Counties for extra penny in the sales tax, the young man’s progressive indoctrination he got in college clearly shows in his fawning love for government.

So you’re saying that government should never have to change its spending practices while the citizens it fleeces have to tighten their belts and be forced to pay that extra penny? It’s not just one penny.

When you buy something for $100, it’s an extra 100 pennies. You buy a new car or truck for say $40,000 instead of $3,200 in tax you would be paying $3,600 in tax.

They can rob us by force and we are supposed to adjust our living standards so they can run their governments at full gold card status? I am well aware of the 50-50 split on the sales tax and the unfunded mandates. If the spineless bureaucrats at the Association of Counties and county leaders would all pan together and refuse to send Cuomo any money, they might be able to get a better deal on those unfunded mandates. Isn’t that what an association is supposed to be there for? If not, why belong to it?

That won’t happen because then they afraid the flow of money for projects and grants might not keep coming in. It would disrupt the status quo and the easy thing to do is steal a penny or threaten to raise taxes. So what is new there?

Our County Legislature raises taxes every year. Every year. When the people are struggling to live and put away money for taxes one has to always anticipate that the taxes will be more because the taxing entities never let you down when you get the tax bill. If they get that penny you realize it will never go away till they come for the next one. They are using the Democrat play book of never let a good crisis go to waste. This is the perfect time to do the money grab. Don’t think that they haven’t been thinking about this for years.

You would be surprised at how much government you would not even miss if it was gone. You really think this legislature has done a good job during this pandemic? Tell that to the businesses they allowed their health department to harass and eat out their substance. Complaints or not. It’s not knee jerk when someone is stealing from you to call it out. Taxation is theft. They work for us. They forget that and ignore it. They have to constantly be reminded. It’s bad enough we work 5 months out of the year to pay government to be incompetent. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing or should I say Democrats in Republican clothing. So I have to disagree.

Working for the government is no guarantee of a lifelong job. When the private sector has to make cuts to keep going the government should as well. The taxpayers should not be responsible for the ever growing governmental complex that this Legislature created over the  years.

I say you never let this door to be opened. Ordinary citizens will pay more at the grocery store, the department store, at the car dealer, everywhere you spend. You JQ citizen will have less of your hard-earned dollars. I say no penny. We can’t afford it. You at the government, you do with less. People are leaving the state because of high taxes and regulations and the geniuses come up with stealing and raising taxing as the solution. What’s insane is there are actually people who think it is a good idea. The whole world is upside down.

Paul Lauricella