Evoy was committed to serving others

Posted 27 June 2016 at 12:00 am


This won’t even attempt to do justice to the life of Jeff Evoy and the respect, regard, and genuine affection so many of us had for him. He will be missed as one who devoted himself to serving others.

Never have I felt so disappointed that a visit to someone I admired was not undertaken. So many people around Genesee and Orleans counties must feel utterly despondent that such a wonderful human being has died.

On those occasions when our paths crossed, there was no mistaking the goodness, commitment to others, and genuine compassion for people of all ages that Jeff personified.

Wendi Pencille’s heartfelt remarks were mirrored by those of newly elected Medina School Board member Brenda Lindsay, with whom I spoke recently.  They were repeatedly affirmed by three other current and former members of the Board.

Anyone who was inspired, or in any way moved, by Jeff’s example of selflessness and dedication to the well-being of others would be served well to recommit themselves to greater service to others as a living legacy and tribute to the life of a wonderful man.

Though I always found him extremely humble, it would be the ultimate honor for those serving Medina Central School in any capacity to ask themselves in difficult times, “What would Mr. Evoy have wanted?”

With deepest sympathy to his family,

Gary Kent