Evening judging and fun at the fair

Posted 22 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Sue Cook – Senior showman Janie Schutz talks to the beef show judge Andrew Hoelscher about her animal.

By Sue Cook, staff reporter

KNOWLESVILLE – The Orleans County 4-H Fair’s evening events are really starting to pick up with more to do and see on the county fairgrounds.

The show arena had full bleachers for the beef showmanship competition this evening. Many of the animals will become part of Saturday’s meat auction at 4 p.m.

The novice class received one-on-one advice to help them prep for next year’s beef show.

The rabbit costume contest also took place Tuesday evening. Children were given the opportunity to dress their rabbits up in humorous ways to win awards.

Zach Albright and his rabbit dressed as a pair of Albion soccer players. Zach’s rabbit won Most Athletic.

Meagan Hardner dressed her rabbit as a dish of ice cream with a cone. She won Most Original. Behind her, Brian Shaw’s tango dancer rabbit was awarded Funniest in Show.

Adia Wachob’s rabbit wore a cute little watermelon dress and received Fruitiest in Show.

Owen Shaw costumed his rabbit as a bumblebee and won Best Insect.

Angela Wachob dressed herself as a bee and her rabbit as a flower. She received Best Owner/Animal (costumed pair).

Nate Shaw’s tuxedo and top hat rabbit received Best Dressed.

Farmer Zak tells a corny joke.

On the lawn near the Knights Building where goats and sheep are located, there is the nightly performance of the Barnyard Review.

Farmer Zak is joined by his friends as they perform a comedy, music and magic act that kids and adults will love. The group also teaches farm safety and education during the performance and asks for audience participation.

Farmer Zak and Miss Amanda dance a square dance together after she magically pops out of a box that appeared empty moments before.

Another nightly event is the Small Fry Pedal Tractor Pull. It takes place in front of the fair office on a 45-foot course.

Sophie Kroening, 4, from Knowlesville was a successful contestant making it all the way to the end.

Pedal tractors pull a sled that becomes harder to drag the farther it is moved, just like a full-size tractor pull sled. Children received water and participation ribbons for finishing the course.

Three-year-old Jacob Duffina of Medina also championed the course and went the distance.

Orleans Hub will continue to post a daily schedule of fair events, so check back to see what’s on the day’s agenda.