Even with a response, Congressman remains unresponsive to constituent

Posted 31 October 2016 at 6:27 am


Many thanks to the Orleans Hub for kindly publishing my letter about my unresponsive Congressman. It is only fair that I provide this follow-up.

Shortly after my letter appeared, I received an e-mail communication from my Congressman. “Ah, the power of the press! He must have seen my letter in the Hub,” I thought. “Finally, he’s responding!”

But a quick review of the letter indicates that my Congressman did not actually read my original message because his response has little to do with what I wrote to him about. In fact, his letter seems to be praising me for agreeing with him, which is a 180-degree spin on my original letter. And, once again, he did not answer my question. Unresponsive, even on those rare occasions when he responds.

I will carry this experience with me when I cast my ballot on November 8th.

Rev. James Renfrew