Even the oil and gas companies acknowledge climate change

Posted 22 February 2019 at 9:39 am


Mr. Lauricella recently spoke, “I treasure the life I have had from the gift oil, coal and natural gas…” I concur, I do too. More specifically, however, our benefit derives from the fact these energy sources are relatively cheap – not just that they merely exist.

Lauricella states, “I am very grateful to the men and women who supply it. I do not work for them but it is an honorable profession that has made life better for all.”

I’m sure he is sincere. Although given his very clear opinions, I’m not sure he’d be equally grateful for the position the men and women in this honorable profession take because theirs is a position that entirely contradicts his own.

The following is from ExxonMobil’s corporate website: “We believe that climate change risks warrant action and it’s going to take all of us – business, government and consumers – to make meaningful progress. ExxonMobil scientists have been involved in the forefront of climate research for four decades, understanding and working with the world’s leading experts on climate.”

Likewise, ConocoPhillips states, “We recognize that human activity, including the burning of fossil fuels, is contributing to increased concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere that can lead to adverse changes in global climate.”

Further, “As a leading global energy company, BP believes that climate change is an important long-term issue that requires action by governments, companies and consumers.”

Mr. Lauricella doesn’t realize he’s calling crazy the same people he praises. How does he square this circle? Beats me. I’m not even interested in knowing.

Incidentally, if I were a strategist, I’d do two things. First, target the media outlets to get them to report more on the “uncertainties” in climate science and position industry-backed contrarian scientists as expert sources for the media. Second, target hard conservatives with the message that climate change is a liberal hoax, and paint anyone who takes the issue seriously as “out of touch with reality.”

Would this strategy work? I leave it to anyone reading the recent opinions on this matter expressed in this forum to draw your own conclusions.


Darren D. Wilson