Erosion, storms turn Lake Ontario brown beyond shoreline

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 8 May 2017 at 9:55 pm

Photos by Tom Rivers

The brown water near the shore of Lake Ontario extends far out past the shoreline after a series of heavy rains the past week. This photo shows the breakwall at the Shadigee, the end of Route 63 in the Town of Yates.

The runoff from the storms has carried sediment into the lake, which has also been eroding some of the shoreline.

These signs warn motorists about the end of Route 63 at the Shadigee in Yates.

A historical marker stands at the Shadigee, saying there was once a 275-foot-long pier used to ship lumber and grain. The pier gave passenger ships and freighters a spot to dock.

This photo from Lakeshore Road in western Yates shows a row of houses near a brown Lake Ontario.

The gazebo at Golden Hill State Park in Barker is pictured today around noon. The water near the shore has turned brown after recent heavy rains.

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