Energize Albion announces Halloween contest winners

Staff Reports Posted 27 October 2018 at 8:25 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: Pennywise, which was created by the Hand family in Albion, won first place for “scariest” in the scarecrow contest. Pennywise moved to different locations in the downtown, and needed a new mask after some vandalism.

ALBION – Energize Albion has announced the winners of the three different contests during the Halloween season.

The awards for the Scarecrow Contest include:

Scariest – First place to the Hand family for Pennywise. Second place to Albion Agencies for Darth Vader.

Funniest – First place to the Crawford and Requa families, plus friends Breanna and Hannah, for Cousin Itt. Second place to the Pollock and Himes families for Gru.

Most Original – First place to Albion Agencies for Darth Vader. Second place to First Presbyterian Church of Albion for Polly Pray & Play.

Awards for Storefront Decoration Contest:

First Place – 365 Fitness on East Bank Street

Second Place – Xpress Fitness at Main Street

Awards for Yard Decoration Contest:

Most Artistic – First place to the Pate family on West Academy Street. Second place to the Nigro-Hill residence on East Avenue.

Brightest – First place to the Francis family on Platt Street. Second place to the Kelly-Schicker residence on West Academy Street.

Honorable mentions were also awarded to Gary and Laura Simboli of West Academy Street and the Avino family on Caroline Street.

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