Encouraging sign to see enough Republicans support aid for Ukraine

Posted 29 April 2024 at 7:37 pm


On April 21st, Governor Noem of South Dakota, who apparently believes President Biden is trying to destroy America, demonstrated conclusively that being clueless doesn’t disqualify a person from becoming that state’s governor.

She seems to think we need America’s answer to Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega to save our nation.  Governor Noem was being interviewed by Dana Bash on CNN.

Fortunately a significant number of Republican members of the House of Representatives thought for themselves and joined Speaker of the House Johnson and most Democrats in approving funding for Ukraine.  That—to me—was an encouraging sign that Johnson isn’t the only member of the Republican majority with a mind of his/her own.

Hopefully it is not too late to give the Ukrainian defenders of their country some of what they need to rein in Putin, an autocrat who suggests we are not done having to deal with Hitler-types today.


Gary F. Kent