Election rigging is unproven accusation that undermines our democracy

Posted 20 October 2016 at 10:37 am


I write because the fine people who staff our election office and man our polling places have been put into the cross hairs of this nasty election.

The United States of America is the finest democracy in the world and our elections set the standard by which all others are judged. Anyone who says otherwise has been dragged into the gutter by people who thrive on hysteria – the ever lurking and insidious enemy of democracy.

Take a smidgen here, a smidgen there, mix in some fairy dust and, don’t you know, your proved that the world is flat. It may be reality TV but it’s not what the United States of America and our elections are about. The fact is that world is not flat and Democrats and Republican alike are in every precinct across the county working diligently to ensure that our election is honest and the tally accurate.

There are enough dangers in this world that we can not waste time on made-up ones. When confronted with wild eyed hysteria (Oh, my the roof is falling) we must be clear eyed and stout. We must reject unproven accusations that only serve to advance political passions whenever and wherever they appear.

Anyone who tries to harass or intimidate any election official, poll worker, or voter should be arrested and, after conviction, stripped of their rights as citizens. The people entrusted with our election are “your”, “my”, “our” friends and neighbors. They serve our democracy well and deserve no less.

Very truly yours,

Conrad F. Cropsey