Ed Salvatore made a big difference for Albion

Posted 27 February 2020 at 10:28 am


Photo by Tom Rivers – Ed Salvatore serves up a plate of spaghetti during a dinner at the Exempts on Jan. 9, 2014. Salvatore volunteered as a manager and cook at the site. Salvatore died on Feb. 21 at age 89.

Edward Salvatore personifies pride in Albion heritage. His personal, political and professional contributions have made an everlasting impression in Albion history. Community members will always praise Mr. Ed Salvatore as our best mayor.

Ed Salvatore’s dedicated service began in 1948 aboard the U.S.S. Edisto, in the Netherlands. At just 18 years of age, he served on a Navy ship that conquered 30-foot waves and sliced through ice that was up to 8 feet thick. No doubt his service in the Navy was quite cool.

As a descendent of Italian immigrants, Ed Salvatore has worked hard to abolish racism in our community. As Chief of the local fire departments, he systematically combined four departments into one. Then, he forever impacted Albion history when he desegregated the fire department. He also oversaw the development and installation of the very first Firefighters’ Rec. Hall in New York State! Of course it is definitely worth mentioning that he raised four kids with his wife, Carol, and served “a ton of overtime” as manager of several buildings and departments at Kodak, as he put his life on the line and braved blazing fires to save local residents.

He is still considered the best mayor and is notorious for his no-holds barred tactics. His first week in office as mayor, he fired many local officials and spearheaded an investigation which brought down village corruption. Then he systematically slashed taxes by eliminating un-authorized spending from the village budget. He concurrently dedicated much of his time addressing the personal needs of Albion residents.

He worked tirelessly to combat the zombie-home crisis. He created the LDC corp. which works with local authorities to force banks to keep homes occupied. His goal has always been to maintain tax revenues within the village of Albion.

From caring for community members to tending to shut-ins, Mr. Salvatore remained vigilant in his service to the community. He set the standard for honorable and dedicated service to our community. Edward Salvatore is Albion’s Hometown Hero.

Desiree Snyder