Ed Fancher was tireless advocate for community

Posted 11 June 2020 at 3:10 pm


With all the news focused on the Coronavirus and George Floyd’s death and national reaction, it is easy to overlook local news that affects us, even in a big way.

A few weeks ago, Orleans County lost a huge advocate and contributor to our community in the person of Edward Fancher, Director of Orleans County Community Action.

I had the pleasure of knowing Ed both personally and professionally. We were both part of the Holy Family Church Choir together, along with his daughter, Janelle. I first knew his wife, Christine, however, even before Ed as Chris was an intern at Orleans County Department of Social Services, where I worked for many years before recently retiring.

I also had the honor of working with Ed professionally in our capacities while working for the community. If I had a client as a foster care/preventive caseworker who I felt was in desperate need of help, I could go to Ed and more so than not, Ed and Community Action, would be there to come through for those people in our county who needed it.

With the true meaning of the word “Christianity” being tossed about in this world, and country, to be minimalized, by people pretending to act like Jesus Christ did while on earth, I submit that Ed Fancher exhibited the authentic life of a person sincerely trying to live as Jesus would.

Ed Fancher will be missed by this county, his friends and his co-workers. I think we could all use our lives to reflect on people who are around us like Ed and try to treat others as we would want to be treated.

To Christine, Janelle, Justine and Kyle and all his grandchildren and family, I am so sorry for your loss. Ed was a great man and I am sorry you have lost him prematurely in this life. I am sure he is in heaven now having gone straight to God where he can hopefully look down on us and help this country, this world, even better where he stands. God bless you!

Gerry Golden