Dumping immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard shows a racist evil brewing in the country

Posted 16 September 2022 at 7:54 am


Florida and Texas just dumped Venezuelan immigrants in Martha’s Vineyard. These people, including children were given a map that directed them to a parking lot and not the job site they were promised when they boarded. Ha. Ha.

The  people who laughed at this proved that real MAGA and their inside joke calling things “woke” really stand for the same thing – cruel racism.

The people of Martha’s Vineyard responded wonderfully. The residents there weren’t expecting or prepared for these immigrants but immediately mobilized to do the human – the right – thing for fellow human beings to take care of them.

U.S. Immigration was bypassed to pull this publicity stunt at the expense of real people’s lives. It made a mockery of our motto: “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.”

This stunt is very like taking every Black student at Brockport State College and dumping them to live in a Walmart parking lot in Kansas with no money rather than let them stay in the prepared dorms in Brockport. That is actual immigration procedure. There are  predesignated places the government has prepared with transport, housing, judges to review cases, social workers and everything needed to manage what the law requires.

Florida chartered a private plane to fly these people to Martha’s Vineyard. Arguably it was criminal misuse of taxpayer’s funds – not legal, not funny, and misguided. Cruel to the core! It proved that “woke” means racism and MAGA members who laughed at this are racist.

People who laughed also showed they do not understand or appreciate what our Constitutional Democracy has given them! Social Security, Medicare, our economic miracle that created the middle class, employer-provided health insurance, expanded higher education, majority rule, our victory over fascism, guaranteed freedoms for all, and last (but not least) the equality of all people which was settled in our Civil War, the traitors who started it lost.

Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake.” Her distain started a revolution there for the freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution here.

On the one hand Martha’s Vineyard is a harbinger of the atrocities that will come under MAGA and mean-spirited minority rule. On the other hand the real moral here is the power of ordinary people to do the right thing. It’s still strong when called on. This year it requires we must all turn out and vote to reject this evil brewing among us.

Conrad F. Cropsey