Drive through Orleans County and see its many strengths in agriculture, history and hard-working people

Posted 28 September 2017 at 8:02 am


Orleans County. I have to admit, I drive through Orleans County, New York, a few times a week and I never really thought much about it. That is until today.

As I drove east on Rt. 31 out of Medina I was catching a wonderful late sunrise at around 7:30 a.m.  The skies were almost purple, orange and blue. The very first of the fall leaves were just starting to turn. The corn must be 10 feet high. As I looked at the cabbage fields I could not nail down the color of the cabbage. It looked a bit purple, a bit aqua, a bit green and a bit blue. It was great.

I also realized I love the farms and barns of Orleans County. You almost get a feel that family is an important priority here and neighbors watch out for each other. Great cobblestone homes and small family cemeteries also dot my drive of Rt. 31. I see tractors, trucks and family farm food stands on my drive. It makes me think Orleans County is full of hard working people where life isn’t always easy.

I started thinking about all the bars, Christmas parties and functions I DJ’ed for in Orleans County throughout the years and all the fun I had. Tube floats on the Oak Orchard, prime rib at the Village Inn, Sandy’s Cafe, Lake Alice and Waterport.

Then I started thinking about all the 1812 War history. The Medina Sandstone, the waterfall park in Holley and how much I like the quiet town of Lyndonville. I also like the Lake Ontario Parkway, although it needs a lot of help. How about some of that toll, gas tax and vehicle registration money ending up fixing that Parkway in Orleans County.

The population of Orleans County is roughly 42,000. If everyone came out for a Bills game, it would only about half fill New Era Stadium.

As I got near Brockport I started thinking on how I would of liked to see the Erie Canal being dug right through the middle of Orleans County. I would of really loved to see the engineers as they tried to build the Culvert Road Canal overpass.

When I got to my first customer in Brockport this morning, I sat in my car for a moment and thought, Orleans County is awesome.

John R. Lang