Drechsel named Grand Master Showman of Small Animals

Posted 27 July 2014 at 12:00 am

Photos by Sue Cook – Claudia Drechsel explains to judge Linda Wilbur how to check rabbits for ear mites.

By Sue Cook, staff reporter

KNOWLESVILLE – The Grand Master Showman of Small Animals competition tested participants’ skills in showing chickens, rabbits and dogs.

Competitors were chosen for their excellence at earlier shows in the week for the small animals. Six competed for Grand Master Showman including Jordyn Smith and Rachel Gregoire, representing rabbits; Andrew Moore and Claudia Drechsel, representing poultry; and Brooke Kiefer and Bailey Jackson, representing dogs.

Judges were brought from outside the area so that they would not have a bias or prior knowledge of any of the competitors.

Rachel Gregoire shows the Australian cattle dog.

Jordyn Smith went into the chicken portion of the show with great confidence.

During each portion of the show, the 4-H’ers had to demonstrate the correct care and handling of the animal. During the dog portion, they also had to run the dog around the show ring and make the animal perform patterns for the judge. They also had to know the nomenclature and what each of the body parts did or how it should be cared for.

Brooke Kiefer shows the dog to judge Toni Garcia.

Claudia Drechsel of Holley was named the Grand Master Showman for her competence of all three species of animals. Brooke Kiefer was named the Reserve Champion.

“This is my third year participating in small animal grand master and I really enjoy learning about all the different breeds,” said Drechsel. “I like that they switch up what we use (each year). It’s really cool to learn about all the different breeds.”

Dreschel also competed in the Grand Master Showman competition on Friday for large animals, qualifying for her prowess in showing sheep.

Kiefer (left) and Drechsel received trophies for their hard work.

Poultry judge Bill Ziehm found the 4-H’ers impressive. He said that when they weren’t sure about an answer or gave a wrong answer “they maintained their composure and moved on to the next question with a positive attitude.”

“You have to study. You really do,” said Drechsel. “Small animals are lots of knowledge. Large animals are more how you present the animal and present yourself. It’s a really good experience and a good thing to have fun with. It’s not all about winning. From a personal standpoint, I’d rather lose and have fun, than win and not have fun.”

Andrew Moore answers questions for Bill Ziehm.

Bailey Jackson talks to the judge while the audience looks on.