‘Draining the Swamp’ should include local politics as well

Posted 28 January 2017 at 10:03 pm


Having visited the Orleans County Board of Elections office numerous times since 2010 for the lists of registered Conservative voters’ names and addresses and other current information related to the “Political Calendar” etc., I very seldom saw the Republican or the Democrat election commissioners because it was later in the day after they had left.

The position is considered part time. We, my wife Beverly and I, are greeted and helped by the first person on the left side of the room as we enter the office, and that would be the Democrat Deputy Election Commissioner Mrs. Eileen Aina. She is very professional and knowledgeable in performing her duties, thus making it a pleasant experience.

One of President Donald Trump`s previous accusations was, “The American election system is rigged,” and nowhere else could it any truer than right here in our own Orleans County with a little touch of Murray. Just has to be something in the water in the central and western water districts.

Recently our Orleans County Legislature, with apparent contempt for our political process and possibly to avoid jeopardizing a future appointment for some glorified nonessential high-salaried position which would be handed them by the current Republican Hierarchy, chose to boot the Republican Election Commissioner for wanting to make her own appointment for a suitable deputy, which I believe was her legal right.

Mrs. Sylvia Shoemaker, having been in that position for one year and 2016 being the busiest election year in Orleans County since the 2015 OC Sheriff`s race, was removed to make room for Kathy Case, a Town of Murray Republican Committee member, and as it is understood a close friend of the Morgans. (Ed Morgan is Republican Party chairman and his wife Dorothy is the Republican deputy election commissioner.)

The OC Legislature lacked the courage to stand up to the Orleans County Republican Chairman, and to protect the integrity of the political process. Being that Mrs. Shoemaker’s deputy was Mrs. Dorothy Morgan, wife of Mr. Morgan and that problems existed, Mrs. Shoemaker chose to exercise her legal right and appoint her own deputy, an act which resulted in Mrs. Shoemaker getting the boot. The legislators – cowards all of them – with conduct unbecoming of a Republican Legislature and worthy of getting the boot themselves.

One formal complaint filed with the OC Board of Elections in 2016 was against Dorothy Morgan, who was accused of using her position to pass on sensitive information to her husband, thereby trying to influence the outcome of the primary election in the Town of Murray. This a blatant example of corruption at the highest levels of Orleans County government. Nepotism to say the least.

I have never heard of an election commissioner getting fired to protect the underhanded activity of a husband and wife team that compromised the credibility of a Board of Elections, have you?

There sure is comfort in knowing that we now have an unbiased Republican Elections Commission. Desperate for survival, the OC Legislature shamefully made their decision. This episode will not be swept under the carpet anytime soon.

As our Commander in Chief stated: “It’s Time to Drain the Swamp.” And every man, woman and public sector employee in Orleans County ought to drain the swamp in our backyard of Orleans County.

The people in Orleans County should influence the vote by urging good individuals to run for positions in the county and hopefully ones with not just their self interests at heart.

Say no to the status quo.

Al Lofthouse


(Mr. Lofthouse is chairman of the Orleans County Conservative Party)