Dr. Rumble to retire after 37 years as dentist in Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 4 April 2023 at 8:51 am

‘I’ve enjoyed all these years with the patients. It’s hard to say good bye.’

Photos by Tom Rivers: Dr. Mark Rumble is retiring at the end of this month after 37 years as dentist in Albion. He said he is happy he has worked in a small-town environment for his career.

ALBION – A dentist will be retiring the end of April after providing dental care to the Albion community for 37 years.

Dr. Mark Rumble said he has enjoyed his career in Albion, forming many friendships with his patients over the years. He didn’t want to be in a big practice where he said it’s a less personal environment.

“I’ve enjoyed all these years with the patients,” Rumble said Monday at his office in the Arnold Gregory Office Building. “It’s hard to say good bye.”

Rumble is a native of Randolph in Cattaraugus County. It is a smaller community than Albion. Rumble in 1986 bought the practice of the late Dr. David Hesek. After he died of cancer, Rumble was helping out at the practice. Hesek’s widow encouraged him to buy the practice and Rumble agreed, choosing Albion over a practice in Rochester.

“I’m from a small town,” he said. “I’m still a small-town guy. It’s been a good fit.”

Rumble has three operatories at 243 S. Main St., suite 121. He has embraced technology with the latest advances in digital and ceramic technology, including a CEREC machine, soft tissue laser and digital X-rays.

Rumble said he tries to use humor and compassion to make what can be a stressful and scary time for patients a bit easier. He also has lots of plants in the office to make it feel more comfortable for the patients.

He praised his staff for their dedication. That includes Jennifer Fitzwater as the dental assistant, Sue Flanagan as the hygienist, and Terry O’Brien as the front desk manager.

“It’s gone by quick,” Rumble said about the 37 years. “You establish a relationship over the years. The small-town patients, they are just nicer. I feel like I fit in.”

Dr. Jeremy Brandwein will be taking over as the dentist in Albion at Dr. mark Rumble’s practice. Brandwein has been working with Rumble since January. “He is very friendly,” Rumble said about Brandwein. “He is great with the patients. His personality fits right in.”

Dr. Jeremy Brandwein will take over as the dentist at Rumble’s practice. Brandwein, 31, has been working with Rumble since January.

Brandwein is a Queens native. His wife is from Toronto. They live in Rochester as a halfway point between their families.

Brandwein earned his dental degree at Touro College of Dental Medicine in Valhalla in 2021. He was networking in Rochester among dentists, and he was encouraged to meet Rumble. The word was out in the Rochester dental community that Rumble was retiring.

Brandwein said he has enjoyed the past three months with Rumble and the Albion community. Even though he is a New York City native, Brandwein said he prefers working in a smaller practice in a smaller community.

“In a big city, it’s high volume,” he said. “People are people and you want to help people wherever they are. Here it’s about bringing a quality of care and a personal touch.”

Rumble said Brandwein has already made a smooth transition to Albion.

“He is very friendly,” Rumble said. “He’s great with the patients. His personality fits right in.”

Brandwein is accepting new patients.

With Rumble’s retirement, he will be the last of his contemporaries to retire in Albion. For many years in his career the other dentists in town included Dr. Karl Heuer, Dr. Don Bishop and Dr. A.J. Monacelli. They have all retired. Rumble said the four enjoyed a good working relationship among each other.

He is looking to the next stage in his life.

“I’m getting tired of Western New York winters,” he said. “I’m leaving to go to warmer shores.”