Downtown Browsery will expand to Medina

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 19 July 2019 at 10:12 am

Photo by Tom Rivers: The Downtown Browsery, which has operated in Albion for 15 years, is expanding to site at 413 Main St., Medina.

MEDINA – The Downtown Browsery, which includes more than 40 vendors in two storefronts in Albion, is expanding to Medina in the former Journal-Register building at 413 Main St.

“Everybody is excited about it,” said Erik Sinkora, one of the vendors and the Browsery’s treasurer.

Sinkora is the owner of Lakeshore Alpacas in Lyndonville. He sold his alpaca apparel products in Medina before. He said some of the Browsery vendors in Albion will also have spots in Medina. The Browsery also will be welcoming new vendors to the Medina location.

Sinkora and the Browsery, head by president Liz Groat, welcome vendors for antiques, vintage gifts, collectibles and handcrafted items. For more information, contact Sinkora at (585) 356-5459.

Sinkora said he expects the two Browsery locations will develop a customer base that helps both locations.

“We hope to cross traffic from Albion to Medina,” he said.

The Browsery is eyeing a Sept. opening for the site in Medina. Sinkora said there is room for vendors at 21 booths and 12 shelving units. Some vendors could use more than one booth or shelving unit.

The Browsery is set up as a cooperative with a board of directors. Each vendor works at the store. Vendors with a booth are required to work 10 hours a month while vendors with a shelving unit work four hours.

Sinkora, the Browsery’s treasurer, said the system has worked well in Albion.

“It’s a low-risk avenue for small businesses for people selling their crafts, creations or vintage items,” Sinkora said. “You share in the work of the co-op.”

The part-time commitment allows vendors to work full-time jobs or pursue other interests.

He also said customers like having many different types of items to choose from at the Browsery.

“It’s an eclectic variety,” Sinkora said. “I think it will be a good addition to Medina. There really isn’t another shop like that.”

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