DOT increases weight limit on Allen’s Bridge Road canal bridge

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 16 November 2017 at 4:49 pm

ALBION – The state Department of Transportation has reposted the weight limit on the Allen’s Bridge Road canal bridge from 3 tons to 12 tons, said Michael Neidert, the Albion town highway superintendent.

When the bridge was at a 3-ton limit, the town had to close the road and bridge during the winter because plow/salt vehicles could not go over it, and other ways of removing snow were unsafe, Neidert said.

“I feel this is great news as we enter into the winter season and we have now eliminated a lengthy detour for the residents that use that route,” Neidert said.

The DOT changed the signs on Tuesday, posting a 12-ton weight limit.

Neidert said the town will be able to take a small plow/sander truck over the bridge this winter.

The town also will be working on paving the south side of the approach to the bridge next year. Neidert said the DOT two years ago ruled that canal bridge approaches – pavement, guardrails, weeds, brush – were no longer the state responsibility.

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