Don’t silently accept distortions, fabrications from the president

Posted 9 November 2020 at 5:46 pm


What makes this country strong, great is the web of relationships, beliefs, trusts, decency and identity that make a society work.

Many Republicans, like Congressman Chris Jacobs, replace accepted facts with lies, baseless accusations, support for QAnon and conspiracy theories. This has cost us trust and dissolves our connectivity our sense of community.

When Trump tweeted that he protected the “Suburban lifestyle” because he rescinded rules to reduce racial segregation, minorities felt that their American rights, as citizens, were challenged by an elected official. Your rights, as an American citizen, were challenged by elected officials and the silence of Republicans like Mr. Jacobs is the silence of consent.

The Buffalo News Editorial (11/07/20) wrote that at a news conference (11/05/20), Mr. Trump stated lies that were “aimed at the heart of American democracy. If they are not countered by responsible Republicans they will gain currency. Silence is consent.”

The Editorial states that Chris Jacobs is silent. Just like Mr. Jacobs said nothing about Mr. Trump’s tweet suggesting a 75-year-old protestor injured by Buffalo police officers wanted to be hurt in a setup against the police. Trump said the protestor could be an “ANTIFA provocateur.” Silence is consent.

To unite this community, to heal the country, Mr. Jacobs needs to end his silence. Denounce the hatred, lies, conspiracy theories and racist comments by the current administration. The time to heal is now, silence is consent.

William Fine