Don’t rush to put children in danger by reopening schools

Posted 8 August 2020 at 2:41 pm


This is in response to Ms. Kennedy’s letter in regards to opening schools. The opinions shared in the letter seem to sum up what I have heard and read from many other “concerned parents” who just now, 9 months into it, are doing, ahem, “research.”

I, for one, have been extensively following this pandemic, and all of its results and consequences, since early January. Remember? Back when you all thought it is no big deal? I have since made several connections in the scientific community, the media, as well as our government.

First, there is absolutely no scientific data to show that wearing a mask are detrimental to an individual’s health. For you to spread such misinformation should be criminal. It appears as though you have taken snippets of information, to fit your argument. For instance, our beloved CDC Director also stated that schools must be safe. As in PPE, reduced class size, etc.

True research requires more than reading headlines, I’m sorry to inform you. Also, and equally important, a key fact has not been realized when it comes to the safety of our children. They are always the first ones protected. That’s just what we do as parents.

Schools were shut down last spring, thus saving countless lives. Those of the children themselves, plus anyone they could have brought the virus home to. If schools open fully, with no restrictions, Covid will find a way in. The proof of this is the second-grader testing positive in GA during the first week of unrestricted school opening.

I hesitate to type something this morbid, but I feel compelled to say if schools open without restrictions, many children will die. Schools closing saved our kids. Let’s not be so eager to throw them into the lion’s den at this stage of the game. Everything will have been for naught if we do.

Charlie Hunt

Syracuse (born and raised in Albion)