Don’t park in front of mail collection boxes by Post Office

Posted 4 December 2017 at 12:08 pm


As the holidays approach, we all utilize good old-fashioned letter mailing much more than usual. Christmas cards, bills, small packages…all kinds of goodies go via USPS.

Here in the village of Albion we can’t mail anything from our homes. (One of the odd areas where country living is a bit more convenient!) Therefore, everyone is making increased trips to our local post office!

Twice recently I’ve visited, only to discover patrons pulling up in front of the mail drop boxes on the street, parking, and entering the post office to conduct their business. This quite effectively blocks anyone else from using these roadside collection boxes!

It takes more than a few seconds to conduct business inside the post office during this busy season. These cars are lingering for a long time!

The last time I needed to mail simple letters in the collection box I attempted to wait behind the illegally parked vehicle, only to give up as I began running late for an appointment. I had time to park down the block, walk back, drop my mail, and navigate traffic – and still no sign of the illegally parked driver appeared.

The “no parking” signs are quite faded and almost unreadable. Perhaps this excuses this parking habit.

Today I need to mail a package inside. I happened to note the illegally parked patron and empty car directly in front of the mailboxes as I drove around the block looking for parking.

With two children under 3 years old in tow I just wanted a parking space on the west side of the street. However, since the re-paving of Main Street, lines no longer exist as guides for parking; thus the lone car that was legally parked in the center of the block effectively eliminated the ability for anyone else to park.

It may seem like a small annoyance. But for a busy Mom with young children, an armful of packages, and a heavily travelled street, the lack of signage and the lack of common driving courtesy (let alone legality) is truly frustrating.

I honestly briefly considered driving to Clarendon to mail my package. Considering that I live in the village in Albion, that says a lot.


Elianna Quatro