Don’t overlook Trump responses in debate reaction preoccupied with Biden

Posted 28 June 2024 at 7:40 am


It was a shame Biden had a cold which made him look much older and talk way softer than Trump. On the other hand the fact checkers are going to have a field day with Trump. For example, the repeat nonsense about Pelosi and the Jan 6th film documentary was crazy as all anyone has to do is not fact check but instead watch it.

Of interest to me:

1) Trump did not deny he wants to impose across the board 10% tariffs which will raise the prices of what you and I buy at least that much. Then add extra profit margins and inflation and he did not try to explain away the economic disaster.

2) He did not deny he intends to withdraw from NATO.

3) He did not deny or explain why very few of his appointees will endorse him.

5) He did not deny the he and the Republican House want to cut Social Security 20% – to start with.

5) He did not deny he killed the bipartisan immigration bill.

6) He eventually admitted he would use his position to seek retribution.

7) He ducked women’s health and did not deny the current fiasco is on him.

8) He kept evading a simple yes or no about  accepting election results after all court challenges have been exhausted.

All in all true MAGA do not care about any of this even though he had plenty of time to address them but pivoted away.

On the other hand people with a sense of the history of American Democracy and concern about their economic and personal well being will care.

All in all a bad debate unless the viewer was very well read.

Conrad F. Cropsey