Don’t let pressure from government sway personal choice in whether to get vaccine

Posted 31 August 2021 at 8:42 am


Is this a battle of power, knowledge, wills or fears? To many it is one or all of these. But truly for those that are Vaxed and unVaxed it seems to be becoming a matter of principle.

In a land governed under the principles of liberty and freedom, it seems a bit unsettling when those that we trust with our liberties are now saying phrases like “screw people’s freedom.” There are some citizens of this great country who applaud that sentiment.

Thankfully there are those that do not, both Vaxed and unVaxed. Common ground to be proud of, the respect for freedom of choice. Not sure how my grandfather, who was shot twice in WWII, would feel about depriving people of their freedoms. I wish I could ask him. What do you think he would say? Fighting for freedom changed the course of his life.

I will not be so self-righteous to try to presume, but many people are feeling very self-righteous these days. They don’t care to listen; they only want to be heard. They don’t want to support; they want to shame. They don’t want to comfort; they want to bully.

The Vaxed believe it is best for them to have the vaccine. It is a matter of self-preservation for the Vaxed. They waited in anticipation so they could get to living again. It allows them a sense of self-preservation because they have faith, they are decreasing their odds of becoming very ill if they contract the virus. Take comfort in knowing that if you believe in the vaccine, then you have done your part. The risk is now with the unVaxed.

For the unVaxed it is a complicated mix of why this path was chosen. For most it was not a fly-by-night decision. A lot of research and thought was put into it. At first it was because of fear, mistrust, and uncertainty. The fear of the vaccine is just as powerful as the fear of the virus.

The last 16 months have been filled with misinformation and constant threat to freedom of choice. It is hard to trust in the motivations of those pulling the strings of Covid mandates because they are politicians. To the unVaxed it is an overstep for politicians to be denying freedoms and creating mandates, all the while threatening to take away their financial security if they don’t step in line.

If you believe that the Vaxed have certain short-term securities, then you must know that the risk is with the unVaxed. Who with their freedom of choice have chosen to take that risk. The belief it is better to face the reality of what is known, than the reality of what has not yet been proven. Science shows that surviving the virus is 98.2% or better, especially if you are healthy and not in the top risk of America’s #1 health crisis, which is obesity.

We each have freedom to choose what we do to our bodies, whether it be unVaxed, eat donuts and French fries all day, smoke, drink or whatever. This issue of the Vaxed Vs. the unVaxed is not political for citizens, just politicians and the media. Citizens from both sides of the political spectrum are choosing Vaxed or unVaxed and it does not fall down party lines. Politicians and media want you to think that so they can continue to divide.

The real kick in the pants is when a free country feels it has the right to withhold money to demand you step in line. The unVaxed and many Vaxed can agree this is not something a free society does. At that point it almost becomes a matter of principle. People are hypersensitive to all actions that feel as though they are threatening freedom and replacing it with mandates.

The term “Super Spreader” is now the vernacular of those who want to keep you fearful. Unfortunately, our elected have failed all of us, by pitting us all against each other and making this about money. Money for pharmaceuticals, money in their pockets and taking money from those honest tax-paying citizens who won’t step in line. Instead of trying to understand the unVaxed, they are trying to put the boot of pressure on their thoughts and wallets, which will unfortunately make many dig their heels in.

I have had conversations with Vaxed who have received harsh criticism by their family because their families are afraid of the long-term vaccine effects. To them, I said, be at peace with your choices and don’t let others put shame upon you or make you doubt your choices.

I have had conversations with the unVaxed who have received harsh criticism because people are telling them they irresponsible and selfish. To them, I said, be at peace with your choices and don’t let others put shame upon you or make you doubt your choices. Free people need to make personal choices without fear of social and/or economic backlash.

But in the end the risks we take must be of our own choosing in a land of freedom and liberty. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel shame for your personal decisions. Be proud of yours and stand up for your convictions, even when others try to put doubt in your heart and minds, Vaxed or unVaxed.

Debbie London