Don’t let ‘leftist indoctrination’ rule in school classrooms

Posted 9 August 2020 at 7:46 am


Mr. Thaine. Your complete leftist indoctrination by the American education system proves the points of my letter. The communist and socialist party’s smile when they see what a good job they have done with your mind and they didn’t have to fire one shot. We are a country unlike any other where although we have made mistakes, we right our wrongs. Just read the Bill of Rights. The ugly righted wrongs left there for all to see.

You say the violence in the country is warranted? You teach children? Scary, frightening. Is the genocidal treatment by Indians against other Indians taught? These people were savagely brutal to one another as well as whites. It is a fact that many had slaves that they brought along with them on the Trail of Tears.

You are aware that the slave trade was initiated by African kings in now Benin and other west African countries. They raided and captured other Africans and traded and sold them for gold to the Muslims, British, Portuguese, Dutch and many others. That’s is some real Black on Black crime.

The men who fought and gave us the greatest republic mankind has ever witnessed and yes a superior country to any and all as we have a bill of rights. Not a set a rights given to us by government, men in black robes or case law, but a set of rights given to us by the creator, by God. Natural rights. Both slave owner and abolitionist ratified and signed our constitution. Both knew the end of slavery was coming. The creation of this great republic was what was most important and necessary to meet that end.

What makes us superior to all other countries and a nationalist model is our constitution and bill of rights. Our genuine American culture. We can go anywhere in the world and as soon as we open our mouth you hear Ahh an American. Being American means you are best.

I guess you would have to be a legal immigrant that came here from an oppressive communist socialist country to understand what indoctrinated people take for granted.

Most important teach your own children the truth. Do not rely on the Marxist point of view that children are obviously getting in school. Thank you Mr. Thaine for exposing that.

Paul Lauricella