Don’t let fear, misinformation determine response to proposed drug rehab site

Posted 1 March 2023 at 7:20 am


A letter writer to the Orleans Hub expressed fear and worry over a drug rehabilitation center opening in Albion. “Who in their right mind wants drug addicts in their neighborhood? I sure don’t. Watch the crime rate soar and property values plummet if a drug rehab facility goes in at Clover Hill in Albion.”

These fears and anxieties are real and should not be dismissed; they must be addressed. One way to overcome fears is by knowledge; understanding the problem and solutions.

There is abundant fact-based evidence that drug rehabilitation centers do not increase crime and they do not cause property values to plummet. In fact by helping people get off drugs they make our communities safer.

But let’s get real. I am not going to change your mind with studies and factual data. Let’s talk about what we all know. There is a drug problem in Albion, Orleans County and beyond. This drug problem is not getting any better; in fact it’s getting worse.

Closing our eyes does not make the problem go away or improve the situation. Arresting and putting people in jail for drug abuse has not worked in the past 30, 40 or 50 years, it is not likely going to work any better now.

The current policies are not and have not worked. Since nothing else has worked why not try a drug rehab center? The studies and evidence supports rehab facilities.

Fear and mis-information are keeping us from learning from the failed policies of the past. It is time to move beyond fear. It is time to base policies on evidence-based solutions that actually work.

This letter, or any letter will not assuage your fears and anxieties; knowledge will. I suggest that the writer learn more about rehab centers in general, and about this rehab center specifically, i.e. who is running it, how it will be run, and how and if it will benefit the community.

William Fine