Don’t judge a movement by the lawless actions of a small percentage

Posted 12 June 2020 at 7:25 pm


I was recently named in a letter by Ed Urbanik. I had written you about my concern that some people might get scapegoated and blamed for the work of thugs and criminals during the recent, and ongoing, demonstrations regarding the outrage over the Floyd murder.

Mr. Urbanik seems to think that the fact some people threw bricks and worse is proof of a conspiracy and that I approve of people who belong in jail. Far from it, I merely believe, for example, that when 10,000 Christians march for a cause – let’s say it’s pro life – that if 10 or 100 get into fights, throw bricks, or shoot and kill abortion doctors that all pro-lifer advocates  must be condemned as murders because of the act(s) of a few. It was a simple point.

Moreover, to the extent Mr. Urbanik condemns the violent people who came out after dark to work their havoc, I join in his condemnation. He does forget that there were occasions when cameras clearly show protesters were merely standing there but were clubbed and gassed regardless.  I

I write as Mr. Urbanik went too far and seemingly condemned good people with exactly the broad brush I was concerned about. I did not in any way or manner tar the overwhelming majority of officers or suggest a conspiracy due to the acts of a few!

Ed’s letter, I think, is actually a good example of scapegoating – as I mentioned before it’s a frustrating sign of these times which people of good will need to put an end to. As I said before this starts with rededication to facts.

In respect to Ed’s reference to the use of the National Guard, domestic assistance is one if their ordinary and constitutional roles. I was referring to the threat of using our Military domestically with which both current and past Chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, multiple Admirals and Generals, and the still current Secretary of Defense have taken extreme issue or outright condemned!

I repeat this is still the United States of America. Our Constitution and laws should never be treated as an inconvenience. We need to pay attention when they flouted. Allies we have taken generations to cultivate are – and of our reactions.

Ed, we are better than this and can be better still.  That is our way.

Conrad F. Cropsey