Don’t add another cent to the sales tax to help close government budget gaps

Posted 8 September 2020 at 8:47 pm


The NYS Association of Counties is nothing more than a bunch of left wing progressives. I say no. No! to increasing the sales tax another penny.

Like the last penny increase the vultures that claim to be Republican that run our county government never let go of it when it was “only supposed to be for three years.” It keeps getting renewed and renewed. Well over a decade or more now.

There will never be a sunset if you allow government the go ahead and steal that penny from you. They are proven liars. Only 3 years they say. Are we that stupid?

The federal government should not be bailing out states like NY that have been run incompetently at all levels. I hope there are no bailouts. No rewards for incompetence.

Now is the perfect time to cut department budgets and get rid of non-mandated services as people are used to less services due to Cuomo’s shutdown of everything. Hire part time. Cut stipends and get really tough on negotiations with the labor unions.

Where does it say that government must always maintain ever expanding services forever? The party is over, make the cuts. The taxpayers cannot afford it anymore. How desperate are you all?

Legalize weed so we can have more stupid and compliant stoned drug addicts. It could also could lead to the harder drugs and more burden on the taxpayers. I could go for decriminalizing it without the government involved but if the state and local governments are going to become the Pusher or the Cartel for profit to balance their out-of-control spending, forget about it.

Taxpayers and businesses are hurting and all you bureaucrats can think about is how much more meat you can pick off the bare bleached bones of the carcass. I could say for shame but I know you lost that right after you took your oath of office in your first term. Term limits please.

Paul Lauricella