Don’t blame new congressman for area’s struggles

Posted 19 September 2020 at 8:01 pm


Again, the left finds Andrew Cuomo devoid of any responsibility for the ills of this state.

Bill Fine takes newly elected US Representative Chris Jacobs to task for food lines and infrastructure. Long food lines in our county have been the norm since Covid, and existed long before that. No mention of Cuomo. Chris Jacobs took his current office in July 2020 – two months ago. Prior to that he was a member of the Democrat-dominated and controlled (and dysfunctional) State Senate since late 2016.

Cuomo has been governor since 2011 – nine years and in state or federal government since 1993! This includes his “Cover Up Andy” years as NY Attorney General. Yet again, it’s the rookie representative’s and first term Trump’s fault that NY has been a quagmire of over taxation, over regulation, population loss, crime, and financial distress for decades.

Mr. Fine, I hope you looked out your window last Saturday as so many supporters of law enforcement and conservative-leaning patriots rode or drove by. I know you heard us!

That show of support for traditional American values caused great pride in those involved and all those supporters on the country roads and village streets. If only all Americans could feel the patriotism exhibited that day. Including you.

Bob Harker