Don’t blame Democrats for domestic terrorism

Posted 5 September 2020 at 9:24 pm


In his recent letter Bob Harker threw in a barb implying I supported socialism. I simply ask readers to read, or re read, my recent letter about “character.” It is not what I was writing about or saying and is nonsense to say I support socialism.

Unfortunately, there are many arguments in it also found on Kremlin-supported ONN. I think the most outrageous are the ways he tries to establish that violence is a Democrat phenomenon.

There are fact checkers from official reports to shred the basic argument.  But these claims also a hide a terrible – and dangerous – truth.

If we look at recent US history and at those who Trump calls “nice people,” we find the major source of continued domestic terrorism!

Oklahoma City. Columbine. Chardon School. Isla Vista.  Charlestown Church. Las Vegas Massacre. Sandy Hook. Aurora Theater. Casas Adobes, Arizona. Austin bomber. Parkland School. Santa Fe School. Jacksonville gamer. MAGA bomber.

All white. All supremacists. No Democrats. (Is this “the pot calling the kettle black”?)  Whatever, it’s a real fact the problem solvers among us can not ignore.

Conrad F. Cropsey