Don’t be so quick to make assumptions about people based on their political affiliations

Posted 13 January 2021 at 9:32 am


I had to read a recent letter a couple of times – I could not believe what I was reading! Robert Shaw, you sit in judgement of people you don’t even know?

You state, “I have lived here my entire life and know enough to know that many of my neighbors consider themselves good, Christian folks. Yet, on houses throughout the county, houses belonging to these same self-styled Christian folk, there is hoisted the flag of a man. A vile, repugnant man who is antithetical to Christ’s message but held in higher regard. Our modern worship of power, punishment and celebrity is laid bare.”

Your thinly veiled notion that one’s political affiliation can negate or effect that person’s relationship with God is outrageous, offensive, divisive, and reflects a “holier than thou” attitude.

You then go on to say, “Not much has been happening in Orleans County for a long time. Without expanding job opportunities, strong social organizations and the general belief that one can better one’s circumstance we are left feeling empty, powerless and hurt.” You conveniently forget that NY’s woes belong to Andrew Cuomo (#57 out of 62 in per capita income). I’d add that my friends and neighbors do not walk around feeling empty, powerless, or hurt. Neither do I. I’m sorry if you do.

Then you correctly state, “Now, I don’t know how many of you know or are friendly with a millionaire, much less a billionaire. But here’s something that’ll hold water: they don’t know about you, they don’t care about you and they can’t possibly understand what you’re going through. They’re in it for them. Period. The old saying goes, ‘you don’t get rich by giving away money.’”

The natural extension of that euphemism is, “you get rich by separating fools from theirs.” I am surprised that you speak so negatively about the likes of Pelosi and Cuomo! Or have you been “duped by celebrity politicians”?

You go on, “shut off cable news, delete all of our social media (especially Facebook), and take down those silly flags while opening up our minds and our hearts.” Mr. Shaw, I will decline your advice to bury my head in the stand. Those of us who keep our heads up have the ability to research issues from multiple sources including cable news, social media, etc. and form our own opinions.

I will close in saying that it is disingenuous to quote the Bible out of context. First Peter 3 is focused on the relationship between man and wife.

Also, you refer  to another letter to the editor written from a former Orleans County now living in North Carolina. I wonder if he moved “because of the weather” as Coumo claims.

Bob Harker