Dollar store looking at new building in Medina

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 6 August 2014 at 12:00 am

MEDINA – A representative for either Family Dollar or Dollar Tree met with the Village Planning Board on Monday to discuss a possible new building on Maple Ridge Road.

Bill Burdwood, regional vice president of development for the Durban Group, represents one of the companies. He declined to say which one.

He met with the board to get a sense of what the board was looking for in a new building. He said one of the companies might want to put up a building made of corrugated metal.

Planning Board Chairman Chris Busch said that type of building would not be embraced by the board. He told Burdwood to look at Medina’s design standards, which spell out preferences for building materials, colors, landscaping, signage and other issues.

Burdwood said one of the companies is eyeing land at 11300 Maple Ridge Rd. That is almost across the street from Tim Hortons. That company originally wanted to build there but the state Department of Transportation said Tim Hortons needed to put a turning lane on the state road.

Tim Hortons opted instead to build on the north side of the road. The dollar store won’t need a turning lane because it has much less traffic volume without a drive-through, Burdwood told the Planning Board.