Designs for Metro 10 shirts, medal unveiled

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 25 June 2018 at 4:26 pm

Hub readers offered 20 percent discount to compete in the race

Courtesy of Metro 10

ALBION – The designs for the medal and shirts for the Metro 10 have been unveiled. The fourth annual race will be Aug. 18 with the runners starting either a 5- or 10-mile race at 8 a.m. The runners finish at Bullard Park.

New this year will be a 10-mile cycling race that begins at 7 a.m. and will follow a similar course as the runners. There are some differences in the racing routes. The people on bikes won’t go through the apple orchard at Watt Farms or go on the towpath.

Thom Jennings, the race director, also is offering readers of the Orleans Hub a 20 percent discount that is valid until Aug. 1. When participants sign up, enter the coupon code “THEHUB” for the discount. Click here to register.

The Metro 10 race pits two unique running communities against each other in a friendly competition where every runner’s time counts. Participants choose the city closest to their hearts.

The design for the Rochester team is a red shirt with 585 in bold. Participants who register by July 20 are guaranteed to have their names in the mosaic.

The Buffalo team has a blue shirt with 716 in bold.

Rochester has one the first three Metro 10 cups, although Buffalo is closing the gap. Rochester had a big advantage in participants the first two years, but it was nearly even last year with 201 runners for Rochester and 199 for Buffalo.

Participants in the race compete for either Buffalo or Rochester. They run either 10- or 5-mile races. (The cyclists will go 10 miles.) They earn points for the city if they finish, and some runners earn added points if they finish high in their age groups. There is also a “tenacity” bonus for the final finisher of the race.

After the race there is a post-race celebration at Bullard Park with live music that is open to the community.

Last year there were 400 runners. That was the maximum for the event in 2017. Metro 10 has been growing about 30 percent annually since its first year.

Proceeds from the race go to the Warrior House of WNY.

This is the design for the Buffalo shirt.

This is the design for the Rochester shirt.

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