Deputy Sheriffs Association states support for stunt rider

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 25 August 2018 at 9:56 am

Photo by Tom Rivers: A Ride4Life stunt rider leaves a trail of smoke as well as tire marks on East State Street in front of the courthouse during an exhibition last October. About 300 people watched the stunts at the Albion event.

The Orleans County Deputy Sheriffs Association is stating its support for the Ride4Life ministry and leader Scott Caraboolad.

The Albion Police Department on Wednesday expressed concern about Caraboolad being part of a business that sold anti-police T-shirts. He also is featured in videos online leading police through chases on the open road, putting people in danger.

Caraboolad and Ride4Life are scheduled to visit three local schools and do other community events from Sept. 13-15, including a demonstration on Sept. 14 on East State Street in Albion. Caraboolad has become a Christian and now shares a message of overcoming addiction and despair.

The videos and T-shirt merchandise are from at least four years ago.

Jeff Gifaldi, president of the Orleans County Deputy Sheriffs Association, issued this statement in support of Ride4Life:

“There are many times that our law enforcement officers come into contact with people who are anti-police and spread a negative message about all police officers.

“The Orleans County Deputy Sheriffs Association does not condone these messages and take pride in the fact that our members actively take steps on a daily basis to change these opinions. We truly believe that one officer, one positive interaction can facilitate this change.

“With that being said, it is also important to recognize that we are all human, capable of making mistakes, as well as making changes.

“Recent information has come to light that Scott Caraboolad had involvement in the creation of shirts with an anti-police message a number of years ago.

“In the past year, many of our members have spent time with Scott along with the entire Ride4Life crew, who toured around the county spreading a positive message of life reform.

“To judge his character now based on a mistake or mistakes made in his past would be to dilute the importance of his current example and message. Our interactions with Scott have been nothing but positive and we support his mission to share a pathway to change, especially in this time where the opioid epidemic is ravaging our community.

“For anyone else struggling with addiction, we would encourage you to reach out and let us show you the positive interactions that occur between the law enforcement and the Orleans County Community.”

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