Deputy Sheriff’s Association says Bourke has pushed for training, equipment for deputies

Posted 20 June 2019 at 8:23 am


The Orleans County Deputy Sheriff’s Association feels that it is unfortunately compelled to clear up some of the disheartening false accusations that are being spread about its members. The OCDSA is comprised of 24 hardworking individuals, whose ultimate goals are to serve and protect the citizens of Orleans County.

It has been implied that the OCDSA members are untrained, do not make vehicle and traffic stops, do not work with other agencies, and most recently do not handle drug overdoses properly.

The OCDSA members receive required refresher trainings annually, along with opportunities to receive more specialized training. Despite having a small number of members and a tight training budget, the current administration strives to find creative ways to get our members into trainings that are free of charge.

Many essential training seminars are hosted by the Department of Homeland Security at no cost to the department (including lodging for multi-day programs). Other examples also include a week-long training that was put on by the New York State Office of Mental Health in which they traveled to our county to instruct our members on how to help people who are experiencing a mental health crisis and facilitate in getting them support. Additionally, our members have received training in basic first aid, CPR, and Stopping the Bleed (tourniquets). We’ve had specialized training in the civil process and the proper way to serve civil papers.

Due to the opioid epidemic members have also received more specialized training in handling drug overdoses and overdose deaths to include the proper way to administer Narcan and issue a Narcan kit. A critical tool in solving overdose deaths is the ability to access data in the deceased person’s cell phone. Undersheriff Christopher Bourke was able to work with the DEA and have Cellebrite, a $10,000 instrument, donated to the department. This piece of equipment is used in overdoses and numerous other types of investigations.

With a significant amount of waterways in our county, the current administration recognized a need to send our member that is in charge of the Marine Patrol to the NYS Marine Law Enforcement School and also send him and an investigator to the week-long NASBLA Comprehensive Boating Accident Investigation Course.

Since January 1, 2016 our members have increased traffic stops, civil paper service attempts, civil papers served, and assists to other agencies. During this time, Undersheriff Bourke and the rest of the current administration have worked diligently to provide the members of the OCDSA with the necessary tools to successfully complete their duties and keep us all safe. Items such as new body armor, new rifles for patrol vehicles, and new computers for patrol vehicles are just a few things they have been able to acquire.

Our members take pride in our jobs and the community we serve and protect.  We would ask that the residents of Orleans County continue to support the OCDSA and to please support Christopher Bourke for Sheriff on June 25.

Orleans County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

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