Democrats would get more support if they backed a stronger border

Posted 12 September 2018 at 3:52 pm


If the Democrats want my vote, they can have it by giving me one simple thing they all support, a safe and secure environment for our children. Simply vote to fix our outdated immigration laws preventing tragic loss of life like Mollie Tibbetts and you have my vote in November.

I’m a registered Republican and almost always vote Republican. But I’ll be happy to switch sides to secure our border and protect our children. I’ve seen videos of top Democrats like Chuck Schumer overwhelming supporting securing our border and updating immigration laws in the past. So why not support it? Why play politics and pretend to be against it just because the other side supports it? Democrat politicians always want stricter gun laws but don’t want stricter laws on people who perform crimes like illegally entering the country. How does this make sense?

I support legal immigration. My wife is a green card holder. We followed the cumbersome process, the lengthy waiting period and paid the associated costs to immigrate legally. If Democrats want it easier for foreigners to immigrate, pass laws that do this while closing the loopholes and increase the viability of those entering will assimilate. I’m positive the Republicans would support this bipartisan deal.

Every Democrat I know locks their doors at night. They support checking people before getting on a plane. They all just want to be safe. They want to know their children will be safe to go jogging in the middle of the day. Why don’t they vote for people who support this too?

I’ll be happy to vote for whomever puts my family’s safety above people who knowingly break our laws coming into the country illegally.

Edward Jay