Democrats in Congress work with Biden to make country better

Posted 15 August 2022 at 9:34 am


In the past few weeks Democrats have passed major legislation that will improve the local economy, help families afford needed medication and expand health care for veterans. That is how you make America Great Again; that is how you put America First.

The CHIPS-Plus bill will help companies throughout western New York. At present there is a relatively small percentage of computer chips manufactured in the U.S. and virtually none of the most sophisticated chips used in military equipment and smartphones.

This legislation will incentivize private-sector investments in research and manufacturing capabilities in the manufacturing of micro-chips here in the United States, including local companies. Furthermore, since the micro-chips will be manufactured in the U.S. there will be fewer supply chain issues to interfere with manufacturing of other goods such as cars and medical equipment.

Republican leadership opposed this legislation. They want corporate America dependent on Asia including China. They want America dependent on foreign governments. Democrats passed legislation that will make America Great Again and keep America First.

Democrats also passed legislation to lower the cost of medications such as insulin. This will help families throughout the region. Insulin is a life-giving medication, without which people will die. Pharmaceutical companies have increased the cost of this needed medication to whatever the market will bear, making insulin barely affordable. Republicans voted against helping struggling families. Helping families with needed medical expenses is what America First means.

Democrats have also passed legislation to help care for veterans, sent overseas to fight for the U.S. and were exposed to toxic burn pits. Our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen defend the U.S. and it is the government’s responsibility to care for their health care.

Republicans voted reluctantly for this bill after being shamed for voting against it. Taking care of our military personnel and veterans is what will make America Great Again.

Democrats support our local economy, provide solutions for working families and defend our veterans. Democrats make America Great Again.

William Fine