Democrats holding stimulus bill hostage; Trump unfairly maligned for pandemic response

Posted 24 March 2020 at 12:39 pm


I read with great amusement Mr. Fine’s latest attempt to blame our president for all that is wrong in this country, and indeed the world.

Mr. Fine fails to mention that many such briefings regarding the possibility of a pandemic were made not just to the Trump administration but to the Obama and George W. Bush’s administrations as well. He also fails to mention that Pelosi and Schumer were briefed as well in almost all cases. It is truly unfortunate that President Trump cannot foresee the future as he seems to expect.

His “facts” come from the NY Times and Time Magazine – both long known for baseless assaults on our president. Hardly unbiased.

I would mention also that Mr. Fine’s letter comes at a time when the Democrats in Congress have been holding up the stimulus package that our nation and its people are in urgent need. Why? Simply put because their attempts at bribery are not being accepted by those that refuse to politicize the current crisis.

They insist on trying to advance their agenda by inserting new left wing regulations and conditions on companies targeted for aid. Regulations such as stricter fuel consumption standards for airlines and auto makers. These are important issues, indeed, but to hold the economic future of our nation and its people hostage at a time like this is beyond comprehension. It is immoral.

As I am certain that Mr. Fine and most likely Mr. Cropsey will again try refute my facts with their opinions. Further comment will not be forthcoming.

Thank you.

Bob Harker