Democratic Party pushes ideology that hurts the country

Posted 13 July 2018 at 9:35 pm


This letter is for Mr. Capurso and any other left wing extremist who I gladly offend. Mr. Capurso’s uneducated response to my recent letter on July 2 was a result of his exposure to fake news from CBS, NBC, CNBC, CNN, late night talk show hosts, the entire Democrat Party and many others foaming at the mouth with vitriol and hatred for Conservatives, the Supreme Court and President Trump that happens to be beating the pants off of this twisted ideology. Leftists are losing at every turn and are about to be swept away with a big “Red Wave” this November.

Mr. Capurso, those that are sneaking across our border with children, they are coming here with lots of money? They are paying their own way? Or are the taxpayers now responsible for their welfare? I’m am sure for a fact that your grandfather worked very hard and that your grandmother stayed home, kept the house and raised the children, but doesn’t that conflict with the radical feminist views of woman in your party today?

Mr. Capurso, you mention morality. You are a member of a party that demands the taking of human unborn life by mere choice at all trimesters. You also by supporting illegal entry to this country condone human trafficking, rape, child sex, murder, drug smuggling, gang violence and all the degradation that come with it.

You support taking away the self worth and dignity of a human by training today’s youth that the government trough is where you feed – by destroying generations of humans with Johnson’s new deal. Please Mr. Capurso don’t talk to me about morality when you are a proud Democrat.

So when you’re confronted with the truth and that brick wall comes up over common sense – and the words Christian values, charity, benevolence, children, mercy and compassion – start to remember you belong to a party that fights for, condones and is its number 1 issue since Roe vs. Wade is the murder by choice of 60,069,971 Americans and non-Americans on our soil in the womb. That’s more than Hitler, Stalin and Mao combined.

Trump will appoint another Antonin Scalia to the Supreme Court very soon. Trump equals America winning! Build the wall. No watered down weak bills. Congressman Collins, are you listening? I hope so.

Paul Lauricella