Democratic Party leader urges vote against GOP ‘succession plan’ for county judge

Posted 17 October 2017 at 10:39 pm


Orleans County residents do not be fooled by the republican rhetoric.  We are giving you a choice, the best choice for Orleans County Court –Tonia Ettinger.

We are a democracy, but James Punch will have you believe that we are a monarchy (supreme power by a single person). That power is being systematically handed down to the next in line and we are expected to do nothing about it?

Punch all but admitted this succession plan in his letter to the editor saying? I would not have felt right about retiring if Sandy was not willing to succeed me. The job of County Court Judge is not an entitlement or reward.

It was no coincidence that Punch retired at the end of July, well after the normal time to pass petitions for candidates. When this occurs, there is a narrow window where candidates can be nominated by a political party after the primary election (September 12), yet Church was announced as the GOP’s choice well in advance of the meeting and vote (in fact there is an article on the Hub about it).

We need to stand up to the “good old boys club,” take action and vote for Tonia Ettinger on November 7th.

Thank you,

Jeanne Crane

Chairwoman of the Orleans County Democratic Party