Democratic leaders in 27th District condemn Jacobs for opposing electoral certification

Posted 6 January 2021 at 6:54 pm


The verdict of the American people is clear and resounding: Joe Biden will be our president, and Kamala Harris will be our Vice President.

Every single state has certified their results, and no court has found any of those certifications invalid. Despite repeated Republican accusations of fraud, Republicans have been unable to produce an iota of evidence to support, much less prove, their accusations.

Despite that failure, several Republican members of the House and Senate have tried to interfere today with the counting of electoral votes, a ceremonial ritual, today.

Yesterday Rep. Chris Jacobs (NY 27) dodged repeated questions from press and constituents about what he planned to do in the House today. Since his votes will be publicly recorded within hours, though, Chris Jacobs has finally revealed his intentions.

Shamefully, he is standing with those who would overturn the will of the American voters and the voters of New York. Rather than standing for democracy, he has aligned himself with the demagogues who refuse to accept their loss and are inciting violence.

We, the county Democratic Chairpersons of New York’s 27th Congressional District, condemn Congressman Jacobs’ decision in the strongest possible terms. No one who refuses to accept election results deserves to hold elective office. Once again, the Representative of NY 27 is bringing shame upon the people of this district.

Jeremy Zellner

Chair, Erie County Democratic Committee

John Jacoby

Chair, Niagara County Democratic Committee

Jeff Lewis

Chair, Orleans County Democratic Committee

Michael Plitt

Chair, Genesee County Democratic Committee

Cynthia Appleton

Chair, Wyoming County Democratic Committee

Judith Hunter

Chair, Livingston County Democratic Committee

Zach King

Chair, Monroe County Democratic Committee

John Hurley

Chair, Ontario County Democratic Committee