Democratic candidates are willing to face issues to stop stagnation in Albion

Posted 18 March 2018 at 8:58 pm


We are in the final days of the Village of Albion election campaign, and voters have clear choices for the future direction of the village.

However, we are also seeing some fear mongering about the process of looking at all possible solutions for handling a declining tax base and its implications for what a viable Albion will be for the next generation.

The incumbents claim that we are on a sustainable path for the future, but without a comprehensive plan we are simply paying our bills as they come due. Too much of the cost of local government is placed on village residents, which discourages people from buying village homes and results in stagnating property values for those of us committed to living here. I don’t see that the current board has a plan to change this situation.

It seems to me planning for the future will require more candid assessment of our resources, to determine how services can be best delivered given the change in the amount of money we can fairly raise in taxes. We need to be realistic without being overly optimistic.

I believe that Joyce Riley, Sandra Walter, and Jason Dragon will provide a fresh perspective and the needed leadership to explore the best options going forward. Together they bring a combination of experience and skills (administration, finance and technology) that can help us solve the challenging problems ahead. Please plan to vote on March 20th and consider voting for change.


Pat Cammarata