‘Day of Dustin’ will celebrate Holley pizzeria owner

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 September 2023 at 9:25 am

Dustin Reisman has run pizza business in Public Square for 17 years

Photos by Tom Rivers: Dustin Reisman works in the kitchen at Dustin’s Pizzeria on Friday. He has owned the business the past 17 years with 10 to 12 employees.

HOLLEY – The Holley community is planning a “Day of Dustin” on Tuesday to show appreciation for Dustin Reisman, owner of Dustin’s Pizzeria the past 17 years.

The business suffered when a former employee posted on social media the business was plagued with unsanitary conditions including cockroaches in the kitchen. Reisman tried to refute those allegations, but the orders for pizza, wings, subs and other food drastically dropped after that post.

The Orleans County Health Department and village code enforcement also inspected Dustin’s on Sept. 15 and found no public health hazards or violations. They pulled out equipment and looked closely for any pests but didn’t find any.

Reisman posted the full report on the Dustin’s Pizzeria Facebook page, as well as previous inspections from the Health Department that showed no violations.

But he fears some damage has been done to the business’s reputation.

“I don’t hold any negative feeling towards the person,” Reisman said about the former employee who made the allegations on social media. “I just want to move on and survive.”

Dustin Reisman and his wife Jennifer and shown with their children, Dustin Jr. and Harper, in front of the pizzeria at 50 Public Square.

Reisman relies on the business to support his family, and he said the pizzeria’s success is also critical to the livelihoods for his 10 to 12 employees.

Reisman, 42, has worked in the pizza business for 25 years. He is a 2000 graduate of the Holley school district. Dustin’s has been a stable presence in Holley’s Public Square for nearly two decades.

Reisman is thankful for his career and the chance to see so many members of the Holley community on a regular basis. When he drives in the community, he spots the homes of his regular customers and can tell his wife and children what the residents at those houses typically order. Reisman can even recite the phone numbers of many of his long-time customers.

“I know the community,” he said. “Everywhere I go I pretty much know everyone in town.”

After the social media post alleging an unsanitary kitchen last week, Reisman said it was a very slow few days after that. Even last Sunday’s Bills game wasn’t too busy for pizza orders.

But after posting the Health Department inspection, the orders started coming back. And some of his customers decided to show their appreciation with the “Day of Dustin” on Tuesday, which is his birthday.

“This is about standing up for the members of our community who have repeatedly shown up for the members within their community,” according to one post promoting the day. “Dustin and his family have been generous and kind to my family on more than one occasion, and I know our town is full of people who would say the same about their lovely fam.”

Customers are encouraged to order from Dustin’s and post selfies with the hash tag #adayatdustins. They are urged to positive positive reviews on Google.

Reisman and his wife, Jennifer, said they are very appreciative of the support. The couple has two young children, Dustin Jr. and Harper.

“It’s been very humbling for us,” Reisman said about the community response.