Daughter of immigrants from Italy says family worked hard to make it in US

Posted 18 September 2022 at 9:57 am


A big shout out to Mr. Cropsey’s view on the immigration situation.

In 1960, my father paid the boat fare, from Italy to NYC, for him, my mother, myself and my three sisters. We were allow one suitcase each.

Paid for the train trip to Rochester where my uncle had immigrated earlier. He “sponsored” my whole family …meaning he took sole financial responsibility that we would not, could not, be on any public relief for the next five years.

US government checked to be sure Dad was not affiliated with the Communist Party. My uncle paid for the required physicals/X-rays to assure we were all “fit” to be in the States or get sent back.

My mother won a ten-year work contract designing men’s suits for Bonds, showing a needed skill to be allowed to enter the USA. She worked alongside of Tom Golisano’s mother. Dad worked with Mom, us girls worked in sweatshops. I sewed the front pocket on the “Johnny Carson” sport coats at Hickey Freeman. The other sisters worked at Hickok Leather, Bausch & Lomb and the younger one to public school.

We rented a house and all of us paid Dad to help out. At night after work, us girls walked to Jefferson High School to learn English. I, at 47, received a masters’ degree from Brockport.

Rosanna Woodworth

Englewood, Fl