Dale Root has been a good mentor with community commitment

Posted 19 June 2019 at 12:56 pm


I would like to first state I am not a Shelby resident. I have no stance on matters that pertain to the town. I stand no benefit to any election in Shelby. Now that the necessary disclaimers have been made, I write this letter out of pure respect and gratitude for Shelby highway superintendent candidate Dale Root.

As many know, Dale has made his living in farming and trucking. Roughly a year ago I made the decision to buy my own tractor trailer and strike out on my own. Dale was right there to offer any help needed to establish myself amongst the trucking industry. Dale has put his reputation on the table numerous times and has vouched his confidence in me to freight brokers who generally would not give a start-up such as myself a second look.

In the 2016 election a famous catch phrase was, “Who will answer the 3 a.m. phone call?” I know Dale will! I have tested this out numerous times. A quick cargo question, a logistics inquiry, or a late-night repair tip, Dale has always been a phone call away.

I write this letter because Dale’s nature has always been to help his neighbors. He and his family have donated produce to a variety of charities and fundraisers throughout the years. Dale has gone above and beyond to mentor me when he certainly didn’t have to. For that I am grateful. I wish him the absolute best in the primary on June 25.


Martin Bruning