Cuomo’s missteps are many during his government career, including with handling of Covid-19

Posted 28 April 2020 at 8:20 am


One of the most devastating things to a liberal democrat’s mind process beside a correct interpretation of the US Constitution is to be confronted with the truth. It is like showing Dracula the cross, a full exorcism of the demonically possessed, or shoving a job application in the face of the chronically unemployed.

Mr. Cuomo’s failures at HUD are well documented. His policy of forcing banks to lend money to minorities and people with no money down, no skin in the game, to buy houses that that could not afford let alone the payments. Democrat social justice policy tanked the country with the face of HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo all over it.

First, the US loan guarantees for 1366 Technologies were rejected because the company presented an undue risk. Much like the failed Solyndra Solar project promoted by the Obama administration which cost US taxpayer $500 million in loan losses.

Second, how exactly was the land purchased, homes purchased, roads built and water line installed? No taxpayer money? Did the owners donate the land? Did the construction companies provide free services? If you look on the Orleans Hub, August 18, 2016, or better yet type in the little search box at the top of the page “Cuomo and the stamp project” and article after article of broken dreams and false hopes to our area will come up. All with the smiling face and maniacal eyes of Governor Cuomo. He makes big economic promises but never delivers.

This failure of a man ordered his health department to return sick Covid-19 nursing home patients back to the nursing homes they came from to infect the rest of the poor residents there. People died as a result. He also sent supplies and with the supplies were body bags. How incompetent and dangerous this man is.

When questioned about it he denied knowing anything about it. This man is a true definition of a narcissist. The man literally has blood on his hands. How the people and state elected officials are not clamoring for his resignation is beyond me. Not a word out of the fake news left wing propaganda media only more love for this failure. The president says one thing out of step and it’s fake news for a week.

Mr. Fine must have forgotten 9-11 and the numerous bomb, biological and chemical threats made to NYC and the subway system by radical Islam over the decades. Cuomo’s failure to be prepared for this virus or any kind of attack is inexcusable.

Mr. Fine says how would he have known? Cuomo knew. He is the governor of a target state. He did nothing. The man is where he is because of poor vetting by the left wing fake media that ignores his failed history and because of his name.

With the backwards thought process of liberals, failure is seen as success. The bigger the failure you are, the more you rise as a star in the Democrat Party. This is what gave us an Andrew Cuomo, the enemy within. A cancer on NY.

Paul Lauricella Jr.