Cuomo, NY will ban fracking

Posted 17 December 2014 at 12:00 am

Collins says governor denies state ‘a tremendous economic opportunity’

New York is banning hydro-fracking due to concerns about the environmental impact of the controversial way to drill for natural gas.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the leader of Department of Environmental Conservation and the state’s Health Commissioner announced the ban today following a study of the environmental and health impacts.

Congressman Chris Collins released a statement soon after the state announcement. Collins said prohibiting fracking will deprive the state of much-needed jobs.

“Governor Cuomo has just denied the people of New York a tremendous economic opportunity in order to appease far left environmentalists for his own political gain,” Collins said. “The Governor continues to hide behind Albany bureaucrats and controversial scientific studies to stand against hardworking New Yorkers who deserve the job opportunities and economic growth fracking has clearly produced in other states, including neighboring Pennsylvania. This is a sad day for the future of the economy in Upstate New York.”