Cuomo is far more deserving of comparison to tyrant than Trump

Posted 12 October 2020 at 4:09 pm


Once again the local left places blame on national Republicans and ignores any responsibility on NYS Democrats.

On October 8, Mr. Joseph Gehl wrote to try to compare the President of the United States to Hitler. I don’t know where he came up with such trash. The party of “diversity and inclusion” is anything but.

I recently asked a writer 3 times the following question and never got a reply – just personal attacks and insults. Let me try again with Mr. Gehl. Mr. Gehl, why is it that Governor Andrew Cuomo is above reproach?

Why is it that NY’s deaths are double that of other states – even California? Of course it couldn’t be because “King Andy” forced nursing homes to accept Covid patients resulting in thousands of lives lost.

Who in NY has been “given full law-making and financial powers and anyone who was suspected of opposing him was shot or jailed by the Gestapo”? As a “Bible-thumping, gun-toting conservative,” Mr. Cuomo has said I do not belong in his state. What is next? What is his intention after he tries to take our weapons?

No reasonable person could argue that Cuomo does not have this state under his thumb. He completely controls the most dysfunctional state government in our nation’s history. (Yep, we beat out California on that one too).

We suffer from the highest tax burdens, We have the greatest over regulation. Cuomo’s power means that he controls what businesses can open, and which ones must remain closed. He controls where we can go and where we cannot for fear of quarantine – a list of states that seem to change daily. The list of what he now controls in our personal and professional lives is lengthy and continues to grow to the point that our freedom is very questionable.

And no, I will not be taking his personally approved vaccination. He implies that because Trump is President that any vaccine coming from the federal government is not to be trusted, and I should trust him instead.

The 6,661 nursing home patients who died had no choice but to trust him. And to be clear –  that order was 100% state government’s (spelled A.N.D.Y.’S). A state directive sent thousands of Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, but the Cuomo administration has given other reasons for the virus’s spread.

You know, those leftist “leaders” that never make mistakes. The NY Times recently published an article based on a report by the NYSDOH stating the inordinate amount of deaths in NY nursing was not government decisions (of course). It instead blames 37,500 nursing home workers.

Even the leftist NY Times adds that NY’s numbers are actually much higher because it does not include nursing home patients that contracted the virus, were transferred to hospitals and subsequently died there.

Mr. Gehl, if there were a realistic comparison to be made of current government officials to the Hitler gestapo, these nursing homes would be Cuomo’s gas chambers, would they not?

Bob Harker