Cuomo, Democrats deserve blame for years of NY woes, not the president

Posted 23 September 2020 at 9:50 am


I write first to thank and commend Mr. Bill Fine for his service to our country while in Vietnam. Second to clarify my stance.

I, and most conservatives, are well used to the left’s very personal attacks when we ask simple questions that they will not – or can not – answer. I have asked liberals in general, and Mr. Fine in particular, how Governor Cuomo and the Democrats that control our state government are not accountable for New York’s long known problems, yet a US Representative in office for two months and a first term U.S President are.

I honestly do not understand that the party that has long dominated New York’s dysfunctional government continues to get a pass on their constituents’ sufferings. It’s all Republicans’ fault all the time. That is not just unfair. It is ludicrous, ridiculous, and extremely far from the truth.

I have asked Mr. Fine this question directly and more than once. “Why is Cuomo not accountable for the ills of ‘his’ state?” Simple question. Yet unanswered.

Mr. Fine wrote on 9/8 that Trump “shows contempt for U.S. Military.” He quotes an article in The Atlantic and “verified” by the NYT, Washington Post, and he included Fox News. This allegation has long been proven false and laughable. I never did find verification on Fox News.

He then blames Trump for an American’s death during an operation in Yemen. If Trump is responsible for that person’s death, how many are Obama/Biden responsible for during their 8 years in office? Thousands? None? Are the standards different for Republicans? One has to wonder if any Democrat has ever made any mistake if that is the case.

Then on 9/17 Mr. Fine wrote that newly elected Chris Jacobs was more concerned with “photo ops” than results in the Glow region’s problems of unemployment and food lines. Again, no mention of the Democrats that actually control this state and are the ones that are ultimately responsible. (Or the Trump induced record-low unemployment rates we enjoyed pre-covid).

Naming a rookie US Representative in office for two months and the President of the United States as the villains in our small community is incomprehensible to me. I again asked Mr. Fine why he chooses to blame these two and not the Democrats. His only response was the personal attack on me published earlier, and to change his previous unrealistic blaming of Jacobs to an overall  bashing of Jacobs’ backing of our president.

Mr. Fine, I guess I too am at fault for Covid, food shortages, unemployment, the bad weather Cuomo blames for the state’s population loss, as well as any and all bad things in life. I say this because I too support our duly elected president in no uncertain terms.

I say that knowing that he is human and makes mistakes – unlike Cuomo who apparently does not make mistakes and is therefore never accountable for NY’s numerous failings.

I will close in again thanking Mr. Fine for his service. I have a unique perspective on that. You see Mr. Fine, as I was “puffing out my chest and waving a flag” as you state, at home sat my DD-214 that reflects service in Vietnam as well. Attack Squadron VA-122 W/C 220 attached to CVN 65, The USS Enterprise.

Yes, I’ve heard screams of agony and fear – albeit on the flight deck and not in the jungle. No, Mr. Fine I have not held dying friends – not there. All I did was escort two of my pilots home to their families and felt their loved ones’ indescribable grief while trying to comfort them. I served voluntarily and simply did as my commanders instructed.   If that makes me less of a patriot than you in your eyes, so be it.

I will not be responding further. Your personal attacks in lieu of answering direct questions goes with the left’s playbook and is not just unproductive – it used to annoy me – now I just find them boring.

Bob Harker