Cuomo, Connecticut governor go fishing on Lake Ontario

Photos from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Office: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont went fishing on Lake Ontario, off the shore of Wilson, on Tuesday. They caught four fish, including two rainbow trout.

Staff Reports Posted 22 August 2019 at 10:22 am

2 state leaders announce mutual aid Emergency Management Inter-State Compact

Gov. Andrew Cuomo chats with Bill Hiltz Jr., a sportsfishing promoter in Niagara County. Assemblyman Michael Norris is in back in blue shirt.

WILSON – Gov. Andrew Cuomo went fishing on Lake Ontario with Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont on Tuesday. The two reeled in two rainbow trout.

They were promoting the Lake Ontario fishery while announcing a new mutual aid Emergency Management Inter-State Compact between New York and Connecticut.

“It is an exquisite day to be on Lake Ontario,” Cuomo told reporters after the outing on the lake. “I want to thank Governor Ned Lamont for taking the time to be with us today.

“First, we just had a lot of fun. Fun is important. And when you go out on Lake Ontario on a day like today, which is just glorious, there are very few places like it in the world I believe. It is as the Supervisor said an international tourist destination and it should be. So we had a beautiful boat ride and a successful boat ride. We caught and released two fish. And then we caught two steelhead trout. The Governor is going to take one back. I am going to take one back. We are going to be eating well tonight. Not that we are competitive, but the fish happened to be twins. They are identical twins, identical weight, and they are beautiful. So we had a lot of fun and we also had a chance to talk some business.”

The two governors announced a cooperative agreement, effective immediately, that will pave the way for both states’ emergency responders and law enforcement agencies to better protect and prepare the region to react quickly and effectively during disasters and emergencies, according to Cuomo’s Office.

The agreement includes responses to both natural and manmade disasters, and will result in critical resources being deployed more efficiently.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont hold the rainbow trout they caught Tuesday in Lake Ontario.

Climate change and the evolving threat of manmade disasters, like mass shootings, know no borders and pose drastic threats to the safety of citizens across all jurisdictions, Cuomo said. “Connecticut is our neighbor to the east, and there are many issues we are dealing with that are enhanced when we work cooperatively,” Cuomo said on Tuesday. “The most important issue we can collaborate on is the safety of our residents which is why this emergency management partnership is so crucial. Today’s agreement is about ensuring our two states have the resources we need during difficult times, and that’s what neighboring states do.”

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont said, “The first thing I’ve learned is that our state borders are pretty artificial and we have a lot of overlap between us – from the Long Island Sound to Metro-North to our energy needs, and especially in terms of our security. We are much better off when we work together and we are very fortunate to have Governor Cuomo as a neighbor, and I look forward to working with him very closely on all that we have to do together.”

The agreement includes joint National Guard training exercises, coordination of aviation assets for emergency response, expanded training for the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Citizen Preparedness Corps, evaluating technology improvements and interoperability between New York State Police and Connecticut State Police, and establishing a direct line of communication between State Police superintendents, National Guard Adjutant Generals and Homeland Security advisors of both states.

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