Culhane says Gaines shares services with other municipalities

Posted 3 November 2017 at 7:55 am


I am writing today to discuss shared services among the county, towns and villages. I have been Supervisor of Gaines for 6 years and involved in government for more than 10 years.

One of the first things I learned even before I took office was what a great group of folks we have in this county, watching and hearing about their working together. When I was elected the first time in 2012, I sought out advice and mentoring from other Supervisors throughout the county. There were many lunches, pots of coffee, phone calls and meetings.

I am forever grateful at the willingness of each and every person I sought to help, teach and advise me as I learned just what it meant to be a town Supervisor. We started meeting every few months and really gained a great rapport of respect and trust.  Don’t think for a moment we didn’t have different opinions but we could respectfully agree or disagree without any hard feelings. We had and have the best interest of our communities at heart. I don’t doubt for a moment if any county, town or village had an emergency every community would be there to assist in any way they could.

The question of shared services has come into play as something our town doesn’t practice and a movement towards that policy should be implemented. Below is a list of the services the Town of Gaines currently shares:

• Highway personnel and equipment – paving, water line breaks, repairs etc.

• Codes enforcement officer – annual contract with the Town of Albion

• Tax Assessor– contract with County Real Property who also serves Town of Albion

• Justice –on call for arraignments

• County – Snow Plowing

As you review this list, you can see we share a very significant amount of services with other communities. The purpose is obvious, to save money and streamline government services to make it more cost effective for all.

The Town of Gaines, along with every government entity share services with the county, town and villages. I believe the constant efforts of all involved to carry on the continued cooperation in our county should be applauded and used as an example of working together for the greater good.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Culhane

Gaines Town Supervisor